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Nu, Pogodi

A handheld console from a famous series Elektronika IM02. It was based on Japanese version called Eggs – featured Mickey Mouse catching eggs.

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Tintin Cowboy

Limited edition of a figure made of synthetic resin. Tim rides as a cowboy with a thrower on a horse. There was only 2000 copies manufactured.

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Alpha Tundra

Part of the Limited Edition Alpha run, released on August 5, 1993, a small run of 2.6 million cards.

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Mortal Kombat II Arcade Machine

Mortal Kombat II arcade machine released in 1993 manufactured by Midway Games. Cabinet is in great condition with original speaker and screen - a true unique item!

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The James Bond Archives

It is the most complete account of the making of the series, covering every James Bond film ever made. Signed by Daniel Craig.

Release date January 2018
Don Rosa, “Life And Time Of Scrooge”

We present the first volume of the “Life And Time Of Scrooge” published by IDW Publishing. This piece is an exclusive, signed by the Author version.

Release date January 2018
Carl Barks, Time Out For Fun

It's Lithograph Print signed by the Author from a Limited Gold Edition - Miniature. Some of these “Time out for Fun“ prints are lost, have been damaged or destroyed. This is one of the few remaining 100% guaranteed item.

Release date January 2018
Han Solo in Carbonite

Crafted in 1:4 scale, the Han Solo in Carbonite Premium Format Figure is the perfect addition to any Star Wars display. It captures every detail of the frozen smuggler as Jabba's trophy.

Release date January 2018
Joan Cornellà - We’re all gonna die

We proudly present the original painting of famous Joan Cornellà with optimistic claim “We’re all gonna die”. The acrylic canvas is made in 2016 and is unique, authentic and original.

Release date January 2018
Lego Classic Space set 920 Alpha-1 Rocket base

Lego Classic Space set 920 Alpha-1 Rocket base first released in 1979. Complete set in excellent condition to space up your life.

Release date January 2018
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The project helmsman. Tomasz is involved in cryptocurrencies since 2012, wrote Orisi Whitepaper in 2014, and helped conceive Neufund in 2016. Interested in all kinds of new technologies.

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Our special mission agent. She takes care of productivity and order in the project. Katarzyna is also responsible for the aesthetic final touch. She's engaged in social and culture animation, in free time she likes to sing and participate in poetry slams.

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She brings 15 years of business and communication experience to her role as a Head Of Communications. She has provided leadership and active participation in a broad range of organizations. Martyna earned her MA in art history at the Jagiellonian University.

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He combines experience from software development for both startups and academic world. During his work and research at PJAIT, he co-created a generic P2P communication library and helped develop several projects from the realm of social informatics. He is a co-author of the first Polish semantic people search engine, a few projects implementing data mining and multiple web services and applications.

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Enjoys working at the intersection of Humanities and Technology. For more than 6 years she has worked with both startups and global corporations on designing the best User Experience and keeping a streamlined Agile Product Development. She is also a Web Developer. Studied Computer Science with a Human-Computer Interaction focus. Founder of Human Tech Art community.

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Makes things work. Combines unique experience of being a Full-stack Web Developer, philosopher, and WarsawJS organizer. Connected to Educartis, where he helps to develop an education platform in Africa. Piotr is responsible for the technical quality of our app. He loves all kinds of sport and games.

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